Produce insane Dubstep, Trap, House and more.

Introducing our new VST plugin with over 1700 amazing built-in samples to produce modern EDM genres, without the technical knowledge. Compatible with a large range of Digital Audio Workstations on PC and Mac.




  • Multiple selections of sound banks spanning 8+ octaves
  • LFO modulation control, ADSR, Glide
  • Tweak reverb, pan, attack, decay, pitch, sustain and more
  • Quality, velocity, voice and grouping adjustments
  • Midi compatibility – use your controller
  • User friendly, self explanatory interface


Everything you need to produce full tracks:

  • Hardcore Dubstep Wobble bass lines and loops

  • Separate kicks, snares and hat sounds

  • Pre-made Dubstep drum patterns

  • Loads of crazy synth sounds and loops

  • Samples for big builds and drops

  • Trap snare rolls, 808’s and subbass

  • Pre-made instrument and FX melodies

  • Loop sizes in quarter notes, half bars, full bars, 2 bars, 4+

Get ready for the drop...

VST Plugins & Sample Packs

In recent times, Dubstep and its sub-genres have exploded in popularity. To get that signature “wobble” and “glitchy” sound, the production technique is usually highly complex. The plugins that are traditionally used are ordinarily very expensive and difficult to master. In modern music, we are hearing more and more Dubstep elements such as the typical wobbles, basslines, melodies, stabs, glitches, snares, hats, builds and of course, the drops. These elements are becoming ever-present in all genres of music and producers who can’t keep up, will simply be left behind.

This is where BomDrop VST plugins come in. Finally, there is a plugin that has removed most of the technical elements of production, while still providing the user with the ability to produce original sounding tracks, again and again.

Our team of highly talented Dubstep, Trap and Techno producers have collaborated to design a virtual instrument plugin that is dedicated to these genres. The 1700+ built-in samples and loops are on the same level as the big name Dubstep producers and DJs. Take these awesome sounds and further produce them within BomDrop, to add your own edge to each sound.

Now anyone can produce insane, stage and radio-ready Dubstep, all within a single plugin.


Bomdrop VST is multi-talented... read more

The primary focus of producers who are adding various VST instruments to their studio is diversity. You want to be able to produce more for less but you still want to have enough variety in your sounds to be able to compose full albums, preferably in a variety of genres. The first thing we have to look at then is:

VSTi Drums: A drum rack essentially is a compiled file of various drum hits. The Virtual Instruments of a drum rack are essential so you can have full control over your individual drum sounds, which is where most production begins. Having the capacity to add delay on your hi-hats to make it sound like a double hat or tweak the reverb on your snare permits you to create unique sounding drum hits. This can all be achieved within the BomDrop plugin.

VSTi Bass: Especially with Dubstep, Trap music and Deep House production, a solid bass line is a must. In the Dubstep world the infamous Wobble Bass is the fundamental production attribute and BomDrop has them in loads.

VSTi Synths: Synths add a completely new dimension to the mix. Where the drum and bass acts as rhythm and groove, synths will add melody to the mix. There truly are thousands of unique sounding synths out there and BomDrop has rendered all the commonly utilized sounds down to be contained within the plugin. When it comes to EDM you always want variety. An electronic musician might not possess the technical music skills of an analogue musician but compensates with a massive sound library.

The bigger your library the more you can achieve within your mixes. And the more you can achieve with your mixes the more value you add to your set. Begin however, with the basic categories of your VSTi plugin libraries, as this will act as your foundation and will be essential in becoming a Dubstep artist who will no doubt grow in popularity. Expand your sound library and skills with BomDrop.

FAQs - Must Read Before Downloading:

Can I just download it and start producing music?

No. BomDrop is a VSTi plugin and requires a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to run. It is an add-on virtual instrument to be used with your existing music software.

What free programs can I download now to run the BomDrop plugin?

Mac: If you own a Mac, you can use it in Garageband, which comes pre-installed on every Mac. There is also a Free (official) Trial of Ableton Live for Mac users available, in addition to several other programs out there.

Windows: For Windows there are free trails and free (legal) downloads of Cubase everywhere. FL Studio also is available as a Free Official Download, as is Sony Acid Pro.

Do I need any additional hardware or equipment?

No. Aside from the host music software as mentioned above, you do no need any additional hardware. Having a MIDI Controller keyboard makes operation more efficient, but everything can be done with your mouse and keyboard in most programs.

What programs can actually run the BomDrop plugin?

Bomdrop runs on Cubase, FL Studio, Sony Acid, Ableton Live, Acoustica Mixcraft Pro, Logic Pro, Garageband and much more. Pro Tool must have a VST to RTAS Wapper/Converter installed. It does not currently function in Reason.

What if it doesn’t work with my software or computer?

When you download the plugin, all the built-in samples are also supplied in separate .wav files. This way you can import them into any program that you are familiar with and you don’t actually need to run the plugin in order to use the awesome BomDrop samples and loops with your original recordings.



CPU: 1.5+ Ghz
RAM: 1+ GB
PC OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Apple OS: Mac OS X 10.5 and above


PC 32-bit | PC 64-bit | MAC .AU | MAC .VST


The Package Includes:

    • BomDrop VST Plugin for Mac AND PC
    • 4 x licences (all versions - as listed above)
    • All 1700+ Bomdrop Samples as separate .WAV files




WAS $198.00






Download the BomDrop Sample Packs Separately

Below are all the samples that are built-in to the Bomdrop plugin. Now available in separate packs of HQ .wav files:

Sample Pack 1: Heavy Dubstep and Brostep

The first in the series of Bomdrop sample packs, this batch is more focused on traditional UK Dubstep, harder and heavier Dubstep genres and the newage commercial Brostep sound. With those truly alarming lead synths, hard and dirty traditional bass wobbles, in conjunction with heavy dubstep drum loops and single shots, this pack is guaranteed to damage some eardrums.

  • 230+ Dubstep wobbles, basslines, bass singles
  • 260+ drum samples inc. 70+ loops
  • 160+ FX loops, melodies and singles
  • Builds, Intros, Atmosphere FX, SubBass and more
  • All samples and loops are separate 48k, 16bit, stereo .WAV files
  • 800+ individual samples
  • $150 value
  • Now only $39.95

  • buynow1


Sample Pack 2: Trap, Drumstep and House

The second Bomdrop sample pack is focused on Drum n Bass, Drumstep, Trap and House genres. Loads of insane drum samples and loops, with synths that are synonymous with Trap and many styles of House music. Basslines and one-shots have a darker, almost horror movie feel, while the pre-made Drum n Bass, Trap and Trance drum loops will blow clubber's heads off. Features include Trap specific snares and rolls, and techno weapons such as fist pumping lead melodies sounding like they were born straight out of a Berlin nightclub.

Sample Pack 3: Ultimate IDM Drums

This pack contains all drum samples, loops and singles that are contained within Bomdrop and the above two sample packs. Delve into the experimentation of IDM production or start banging out traditional Dubstep beats, Hip Hop, Techno, Drum n Bass and more. Cracking Dubstep snares, deep 808s and SubBass, a library of drum loops in a multitude of genres and much more. The drums are where traditional production starts and this exhaustive sample pack will give you a strong foundation for any track, in any genre and an edge over other producers.

Sample Pack 4: All Bomdrop Samples

This is the ultimate electronic music producer pack. It contains all of the above samples compiled into a single (huge) download. Never buy samples again for EDM and IDM genres. Production quality is second to none, with some of the most respected UK and US producers making contributions. 1700+ samples and loops.