Legal Disclaimer


Trademarks and Associations:

BOMDROP is not in any way associated with Steinberg, Apple, Sony, FL Studio, Cubase, Avid Ableton or any other brand that may be mentioned on our website in the form of a contextual reference or logo/image. All the aforementioned brands are believed to be registered trademarks of their respective owners.

"VST" technology and the accompanying logo exhibited on the virtual software box of the BomDrop product is the legal trademarked property of Steinberg Media Technologies. Once again, we hold no association with Steinberg.


Unfortunately, we do not currently offer any form of formal support for production and installation inquiries. Emails regarding system bugs and glitches will be actioned with a response immediately, though this is the full extent of our support. We do not offer "how to" production guidance and information on how to produce music using our plugin, or any other plugin, for that matter. By purchasing our product, we hold the assumption that you are competent enough to install, operate, produce music to your desired level and maintain our VST/AU plugin with your chosen Digital Audio Workstation.


We do not offer refunds of any description. Once our digital product is in your possession, there is no way of "returning" the item. This is particularly relevant if the product does not meet your expectations, as all the information you require to make an informed decision about whether to purchase or not, is available on the homepage. We feel that being provided with every single sound as a separate .wav file that comprises the Bomdrop Plugin, without additional charge, is significant in terms of value for those who may not be able to take full advantage of all the Plugin's features due to lack of production knowledge or (rare) technical faults.

Further to the above, the one exception may be; if you identify some form of bug with the product that is unique to your particular combination of operation system and computer hardware.