Privacy Policy

Google AdWords: may at times engage the Google AdWords remarketing service, which will advertise our product on third party websites (including Google) to those who have visited our website in the past. You may have visited our website for any reason at all, even just briefly to send an inquiry through the contact form, for example. As such, you could then see an advertisement on a Google search results page or on a website in the Google Display Network, if and when we choose to activate that form of paid ads.


Google and other third-party vendors use Cookies in order to determine which ads to be shown to you, based on previous visits to the website.

Any data that may be ascertained will be handled in accordance with our own privacy rulings and Google’s Privacy Policy.

It is possible to control the settings for how Google displays ads to you, via the Google Ad Preferences page. If you wanted to, you may choose to opt out of interest-based advertising entirely by cookie settings or permanently using a browser plugin.

Your Personal Details:

When you make a purchase through the website store, you are required to provide your name and email address, which is needed in order to deliver you product. Your name and email address may be further utilized in the future to email you details of updated versions of our software. By law we are required to permit you to opt our of any such emails, the option of which will be visible at the bottom of any such future emails.

With the exception of Fastpring, who facilitates the processing of payments and download deliveries, no other parties will ever receive your personal information as a result of using

Contacting Us:

This information is current as of December 2013 and for any clarification or queries regarding your privacy, please use the email form on the Contact Page.